Art challenges!

The following are all fun team building activities; each task has its own objective. All tasks have an introduction and equipment is supplied to make sure that it is possible to accommodate the group size. Tasks will also be evaluated so that team members know what they have achieved. If you specific objectives you would like to achieve this can be catered for with each individual client.
In between activities you can introduce different ‘ice breakers’ to ensure that the session flows and remains active. Worksheets can be produced to reinforce the learning objectives and overall outcome for the day if required.

Mementos of the day!

To record a Popbang team building day a photographer can be arranged to capture the group at work and the activities for it later. This does come at additional cost, but guarantee’s quality photographs to record the company’s team building day.
All artwork produced can also be kept and recorded so that team members can have a souvenir of the occasion. Images can be then printed, collated and presented in variety of different ways. Artwork can be stretched and later presented as an original for the office/work area

Popbang collective - Timescale: - 1.5 hours

The challenge is done in groups of 4/5 people. An image is placed at one end of the room and is covered. The group work together from the other end of the room they send one team member at a time to view the image. They must work as a team using their ‘collective memory’ to recreate the image from ‘memory’ on a larger piece of paper using a variety media. Each team member is allocated a specific role within the group (i.e. ‘timekeeper’).

Popbang radio collective - Timescale: - 1.5 hours

Similar to the challenge described above however using radio control cars as a tool to carry the messages/instructions to participants. Involving groups of four or more ‘drivers’ navigate an obstacle course consisting of ramps and hazards, attaching post it notes to the cars around a set course. A course is set up along with supporting handouts and information to enable task to be a success.

Challenges can be added into the programme to create a diverse team build, such as blindfolding the driver of the radio control car, as well as adding hazards such as ramps and cones.

Popbang auto drawings - Timescale: - 2 hours+

Main element/event of the day is creating a piece(s) of work using radio control cars to apply paint with. The image created could be specific to the company such as a ‘theme’ word, company logo or specific image.
Various different media’s including acrylic paint and ink are used on large format paper to create the original piece of artwork. Ideally done in groups of 4/5 persons per piece. Two Auto drawings can be done at the same time for bigger groups and dependant on space.
Equipment used to create artwork includes radio control cars, battery operated vehicles, car tyres and pull back toys. ‘Auto Drawings’ previously created successfully for team build activities include colour circles.

Popbang auto line drawing - Timescale: 45 seconds individually

A seemingly simple task to create a line drawing of a face using a radio controlled car. A pen is attached to the back of the car and the participant is asked to draw a continuous line drawing of a face in the timescale of 45 seconds. This is a very quick task that can be used as an introduction to Auto drawing artwork. Two cars can be run at the same time to make it a competition to create a ‘recognisable’ face in the fastest possible time.

Popbang Sculpture - Timescale: 45 minutes individually

Each person creates his/her own sculpture out of ‘everyday’ materials. This could be a personal keepsake of the day. This basically would be a small version of what is currently on display at ‘the Studio’. Using recycled/reclaimed/end of line materials to create a unique piece of artwork.

Popbang portraits - Timescale: 2 hours working in pairs/individually

Portraits made out of cardboard, in pairs, individually or as small groups people create a cardboard portrait of a fellow team member. The portraits are then displayed as a group. The sculptures could also be put on display at company offices as a memento of the days activities. Alternatively the created pieces could be professionally photographed and created into photomontage, then framed and displayed following the team build day.

Another variation of Popbang Portraits is to create portraits using a collage technique derived from the artist Archimboldo, famous for his ‘Green Man’ images. Portraits can be created by a particular theme e.g vehicles, celebrity, architecture, food etc. Finished portraits can then be framed as a group and displayed together as a wall piece ideal for an office or informal area within the company.
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